How To Use Snapchat New Features


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How To Use Snapchat New Features

Snapchat is one app with several functions. People use it to communicate one-to-one, one-to-few, and one-to-all. they share moments, not just pretty pictures, through stills and videos with added captions, doodles, or filters to make them even  more fun and personal. If your target audience is age 13-25, here  are some important ways you can use Snapchat to connect with those customers. Here we look at how to use Snapchat new features.

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Snapchat has added new features in it’s latest update which includes slo-mo and rewind filters, force touch and many more features.

Snapchat new features: Force Touch (3D Touch)

How To Use Snapchat New Features login page - force touch

Using Force Touch effect is pretty much simple. You simply have to press hard on the Snapchat icon and get option to start a new chat or can add a new friend.(Note:This feature is only for iPhone 6S device)

Snapchat new features: New Lenses

How To Use Snapchat New Features login page -new lenses

In order to use this feature you have to open  the Snapchat app and you have to make sure your front facing-camera is active. Then you have to long press the screen on your face to load the lenses. Now you can scroll horizontally through the lenses and for most you will have to follow the instruction for it to work properly such as doing some movement in your face(opening your mouth or raising eyebrows)

Snapchat new features: Replays

How To Use Snapchat New Features login page -replies

For turning the replays on you will have to swipe left from main screen, hit cog wheel and select manage under the ‘additional services’. You can turn on the replay here. Once you’ve switched it on, you can replay one snap every 24 hours. After replay is turned on it will remain on for all others snaps too.

Snapchat new features: Front Facing Flash

How To Use Snapchat New Features login page -flash

When you are in dark and you wish to take a selfie but your front camera does not have a flash then snapchat this feature turns your phone screen white to provide some extra light for your photo when to click it. you can even turn front flash on and off in the top left of the screen.

Go to additional services menu and switch on the front facing flash.

Snapchat new feature: Story replies

How To Use Snapchat New Features login page- Story Reply

Snapchat Story is the integral part of Snapchat. It highlights and displays the collection of videos and photos which you have taken in the past 24 hours, and those images and videos can be viewed by your friends. But if you wish to  to reply to a specific Snapchat amongst the photos and videos in your friends story, Now Snapchat has made this much easier in this latest version. But in the previous versions it was difficult to reply to certain story, because you’ve had to explain what you’re replying to in your message, but this is not needed in this version. With this latest update Snapchat has added story replies.

So how to reply to friend’s story. Follow the following steps:

When you see a friend’s Snapchat story and you wish to reply to your friend’s photo or video, you just have to swipe up from the bottom of the display, opening a new chat window. Then type your message, hit sent button then your friend will receive the message along with a snapshot of the photo or video you’re replying to.

Snapchat new features: Slo-mo rewind filters

How To Use Snapchat New Features login page -slo mo

When you are done with shooting  a video in this version of the app, simply swipe  left or right  until you find three arrows (rewind) or snail symbol(slo-mo). If you want to use magic effects like impossible catches then the rewind filter is useful.

Snapchat new features: Trophies

How To Use Snapchat New Features login page -thropies

To know about the trophies you have unlocked  so far you have to swipe down from the main screen that will bring up your personal Snapchat code and you’ll  see a new trophy icon above it tap on it and you will see your trophies.

Snapchat new features: Video Record

How To Use Snapchat New Features login page -record video

When both you and your friend are chatting at the same time i.e when you both are online at the same time you simply have to press and hold the share live video.

Snapchat new features: Filters

How To Use Snapchat New Features login page -filters

Snapchat has many filters to choose from which you can add to your photos. but this filters are not turned on by default.

So to switch this filters on follow the below instructions:

Once you are done with  taking a photo, you simply have to swipe left or right then you will see a pop up message which says turn on filters. Then click the ‘i want filters’ button at the bottom of the screen. This will take you to the ‘additional services’ part of the settings menu where you can tick the filters box.

Snapchat new features: Special text

How To Use Snapchat New Features login page -Special text

For adding the caption to your snap you have to switch on the ‘special text’ from the additional services menu. Now when you have added a caption, there’s a ‘T’ at the top of your screen which you can tap if you  wish to change the look.

Snapchat new features: Number of best friends

How To Use Snapchat New Features login page -Number of best friends

If you want to show who your best friends are from your friend list, You simply have to select it in the ‘best friends menu’ and choose how many best friends you want to add.(Note: You can a maximum of seven friends)


Here i have tried to specify  How To Use Snapchat New Features, in case of more questions regarding ” How To Use Snapchat New Features” feel free to ask via comment below.

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