Tutorial to Set up Two-Factor Authentication on Instagram


Instagram Two Factor Authentication

Let us First Know about Two Factor Authentication and How it works

Instagram Two Factor Authentication enables its users to setup more security to their account.
When the user enables two factor authentication. The application send one security code to their mobile which was registered during the first setup of this security procedure.

This update will definitely bring smile on all those faces
who were concerned about “what will happen if they get hacked”

This security procedure will make almost impossible for the hackers to get into your Account.

Let us move further with the tutorial showing “How to Setup Instagram Two Factor Authentication”

Step 1 :- Log in to your Instagram and Go to user Settings Section as shown in the screenshot

Step 1

Step 2:- Now Click on Two Factor Authentication Tab as shown in the screenshot


Step 3 :- Now Switch on Require Security Code Tab as shown in the screenshot ,

After you switch on the Security Code tab.
Instagram is going to ask you about your Mobile number if you have not already provided them in edit profile section of Instagram.
They are going to send you One code on this number to verify your ownership .
Insert the code they send on your mobile & that is it.




After you Correctly Enter the code sent by them.
Instagram will enable Two Factor Authentication on your Account.
This means , Every time you log into your account with correct password, they will send one code to your mobile . Without entering that code, you can not enter your account.

Which means, even if Hacker Gets access to your Password, They can not enter your account without entering code sent to your mobile. 😉


Step 4:- Last & Main Step , What if you loose access to your Number and you want to log into your Account?

well , Instagram also thought about this and provided us with wonderful Solution.
As soon as you switch on Two Factor Authentication.
Instagram will Give you Some Backup Codes .
Now with help of These codes, you can log into your account without actually having access to your mobile phone.


I hope you were able to understand this tutorial easily and without any problem. In case you have any issues related to Two Factor Authentication.
Just leave the comment below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
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  1. Is the APK available? Most Instagram applications distributed via the Google Play store still don’t feature the two-factor function unfortunately. Slow roll-out.

    • Hello Gerald, Give us your Email id where we can send you the apk file so that you can download it. Thank you for being Active on our website. 🙂

  2. i can not get into my account im starting to think i set up my number wrong even though its showing the correct last 4 digits of my cell. i am now stumbling across but backup codes are.. am i SOL?


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