5 Unsolved Mysteries of the World


Unsolved Mysteries

Science & technology is advancing day by day. We humans may have reached planets and space but despite all this, many mysterious stories revolve around us which are still unsolved. In this post we will see 5 Unsolved Mysteries which science & human failed to solve with little analysis & description about them.

List of 5 Unsolved Mysteries of the World

  1. Six Inch Human Skeleton

6 Inch Human SkeletonYou must be wondering how is it possible to find Six Inch Human Skeleton but the fact is that a 6 Inch(150mm; 15 cm) long skeletal was found in 2003 in deserted chilean town of Atacama Desert.

According to Wikipedia, this skeleton was given known with name Ata since it was found in Atacama Desert. Ata was found in northern chile by Oscar Muñoz who later sold the remains; their current owner is Ramón Navia-Osorio, a Spanish businessman.

2. Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle exists at three verticals ; Miami, Florida peninsula, in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and in the mid-Atlantic island of Bermuda, which is also known as the Devil’s Triangle.

The pilots passing by from this triangle have reported that many Air crafts passing from this area have disappeared without any trace, many ships were also reported to be disappeared when they came into this area without any trace.

Different Peoples have different opinions over this ; some give this name of Alien Power while some name it as Gaseous pressure. But the fact & real reason behind this is still unknown.

3. Meat Rain

Meat Rain KentuckyThe Kentucky meat shower was an incident which took place on March 3, 1876 for several minutes where similar to flakes of red meat fell from the sky in a 100-by-50-yard (91 by 46 m) area near the settlement of Rankin in Bath County, Kentucky. This was first reported by Scientific American, the New York Times.

It is said that the meat looked like beef but according to the first report in Scientific American, two gentlemen who tasted it judged it to be mutton or venison.
The reason behind this meat rain is still a mystery. 

4. Loch Ness Monster

Unsolved Mysteries

The Loch Ness Monster, or Nessie, is an aquatic being which reputedly inhabits Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands. Their are many mysterious stories about this animal. Some People believe it to be Sea Snake while some name it as Descendant of Dinosaurs. . Many people took Photos and video of this Animal. The reality behind this animal is still unknown and is known to be part of many other unsolved mysteries.

5. Dancing Plague

Dancing PlagueWho does not want to dance? well we all want to dance when we are happy; but did you ever thought of dancing  disease that could kill you?
The Dancing Plague (or Dance Epidemic) of 1518 which was a case of dancing mania that occurred in Strasbourg, Alsace.

The incident took place when one woman began to dance fervently in street. She kept dancing for around four to six days. Within a week, 34 others had joined, and within a month, there were around 400 dancers. Some of these eventually died from heart attacks, strokes, or exhaustion. The reason is still part of Unsolved Mysteries.

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